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Traveling in Costa Rica is a safe experience

Times have changed

No need to say, 2020 has been a memorable year in so many ways! We have learned to be creative, think out of the box and care for the wellbeing of others. We have learned, once again, the real meaning of the family and how to support each other’s amid unprecedent times.

It is time to come out of this somehow imposed coccon and let our dreams fly!  Costa Rica has shown the world the true value of fine first world medical facilities. So many experiences to share with our social bubbles, and so much that Costa Rica offers for the safest family vacation. In Costa Rica Expeditions, our Travel Specialists particularly advocate itineraries designed for families. Over 40 years knowledge ensures wonderful trips with perfect verified reviews!

We are certified in safety, we have the Safe travels seal

Costa Rica Expeditions has been working in safety sanitary protocols for the last months, and we were awarded with the Safe travels Stamp as an official recognition of all our efforts in the field, with our guests and with our own staff.

We design itineraries based on what you want to do, see, learn, and share! Costa Rica offers incredible opportunities for wildlife, great bird watching in national parks or more secluded areas in private reserves and farms. Social bubbles can experience fabulous activities that ensure safe family vacations.

Costa Rica is as exciting as it looks

Thanks to our fascinating topography in Costa Rica, we offer wide-ranging landscape sculptured by natural wild rivers, ravines, and vast rain forest. As a result of this natural conditions, we offer great opportunities for the practice of innumerable outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, rappelling, canopy rides, mountain biking, and much more.

Costa Rica is part of the Central American Isthmus, and we only have some 75 miles separating both the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific Ocean; as the crow flies! You can travel from sea level up to 12000 feet in elevation over the continental divide, in a matter of a couple of hours. This particular feature permits to explore dozens of zones of life and habitats in a typical 10-12 days’ vacation.

Volcanos, high mountains to climb, valleys and lakes are all part of this fascinating scenery. However, there is a lot more to offer yet! The presence of two coasts make Costa Rica unimaginably diverse, with vast quiet beaches to simply relax and catch the golden tan we look for, or more energetic sports like surf or boogie boarding, the country is a true paradise for ocean life. In addition, you can explore lots of hidden inlets and bays, tiny white sand beaches and rocky formations that speckle the turquoise waters. Furthermore, great sport fishing is available in different parts of the country, in distinct seasons. Something for everyone, anytime!

For more than 45 years, we have been delivering joyful unforgettable memories

Hundreds of thousands of so satisfied guests throughout a short but prolific tourism history can not be wrong. Costa Rica started developing as a “tourism heavy weight” just decades ago. The traditional Costa Rican hospitality, the miraculous nature and cultural diversity found in only 20000 square miles, and the proximity from United States, have created and perfect environ for the enjoyment of your holidays. We invite guests to discover this singular retreat of peace and respect for natural areas. The country reveals an extraordinary percentage of its territory preserved as national parks, private reserves or simply family enterprises that help our countrywide conservation efforts.

Traveling in Costa Rica is a safe, fun and extremely rewarding experience for the whole family. Join us now!

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