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Which is more interesting Caño Negro or Tortuguero?

Costa Rica is a quite interesting country with a mosaic of natural environs! There’re lots of possibilities to enjoy nature and wildlife, including National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park offers the visitors a comprehensive natural & cultural experience

The small village of Tortuguero welcomes visitors at the entrance of the park and features different insights of Cost Rican Caribbean way of life. Lately, a popular experience has been added to our visit: Chocolate Tour & History!

In addition to this, Tortuguero also offers an intricate net of small waterways that increase the possibilities to explore the area by boat. All the outings occur within the National Park boundaries and provide opportunities to spot wildlife in the natural habitat

White Faced Capuchin Monkeys seen from the Tortuguero waterways

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Caño Negro is more like a “one day activity” for guests who do not have the occasion to expand their visit to the area. The River Frio certainly offers a good chance to spot birds and occasionally monkeys, however you normally have to share your space with several large group- boats with loud speakers interpreting nature. The town near the river does not actually provide much of a cultural experience, since it is a “border” community mostly populated by immigrants

The Jabirú or Galán Sin Ventura

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