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Adventure and fun are important, so it is safety!

Making decisions about adventure activities while traveling is an important part of planning your vacation.

People often insist on doing things, even when we tell them it’s dangerous.

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Pacuare River


CRE: “We have a minimum age of 14 for the Pacuare River during high water months.”

Traveler: “Oh, I’ll go find another company, I saw online they’ll take 10-year-olds.”

CRE: “We don’t book with that zip line company because they don’t use full body harnesses, in the unlikely event that someone was to be unconscious while on the zip line, they could fall out of their harness if it doesn’t have shoulder straps.”

Traveler: “Yeah, but they have the fastest, highest, zip line in the country, I’ll book with them directly.”

CRE: “We’re sorry, but the water level is too high to run the river, it would be dangerous to run today because it’s likely that there will be flash floods and/or debris in the river.”

Traveler: “Ok, I’ll see if I can find a company that will do it for me.”

You should look for more than the nuts and bolts.

A company committed to safety is ahead of you looking for rigorous standards of safety in the way things are built, equipment of the highest standard and ongoing training on safety procedures and first aid for guides.

The company you select should be with you as you go, checking the weather, calling ahead to find out what the water level is, checking for landslides and road closures, making sure that extra small or extra-large life jacket is waiting for you, and most importantly willing to cancel any trip, if it doesn’t meet safety standards.

Your company should be behind you asking how it went, rescuing lost items, and arranging for last minute requests.

So, as you think about your vacation next year or talk to your friends and family about theirs, remember that there is a direct relationship between who you travel with, how much you pay, and the safety and quality of the service that you get.

Making decisions about adventure activities while traveling is an important part of planning your vacation. Experiencing the beauty and adventure of Costa Rica requires a healthy respect for nature, solid planning and decision-making that places safety first.

Zipline in the rainforest

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