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Five great reasons to vacation like a local in Costa Rica

Nectandra Private Reserve and Garden

The months of July and August are ideal months for Costa Rican locals to vacation. These are just five among many other reasons why should also consider visiting Costa Rica during July or August.

Reason #1: Meet Costa Rican families on vacation.  All schools have a 2-3 week vacation period in July and you are likely to meet some of them as you travel around the country. It´s a great way to learn about our culture and Costa Rica´s friendly people.

Costa Rican family on vacation

Reason #2: July´s great weather makes for spectacular sunsets.  The Pacific Coast ends each day with a glorious sunset, whether you are on a boat, sitting on the beach or enjoying a cocktail on your balcony, you shouldn’t miss it!

Uvita Beach in Dominical

Reason #3: See hundreds of Costa Rica´s 950 bird species. It´s peak bird watching time across the country.  If you come for two weeks, travel with one expert Bird Guide and add to your life list -bird hard!

Violet Sabrewing

Reason #4: Meet mama and baby humpback whales! Every year humpback whales migrate from South America to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica to calve. There are several areas where you can get close, you´ll see them, hear their song and learn all about them.

Humpback Whale in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Reason #5: See the orchids that Costa Rica is famous for!  Cloud forests are a perfect place for you to discover exotic orchids.  Go with a Guide, see them in their natural habitat, and learn how to take care of your orchids at home!

Phalaenopsis Spp

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