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Ode to the Sun in Monteverde, Costa Rica

A trip to Monteverde can be extremely rewarding for every taste! if you love sunsets, flowers, birds, and the magic of this wonderful place. After all, everything really depends on the sun. The sun rays bring life to this magnificent planet of ours, and we can be the fortunate spectators of this miracle that repeats its vital cycle every day.

Sunset from Monteverde

You will realize that the Resplendent Quetzal, Guans or Toucans can be prodigiously attractive, but also, the tiny orchids, insects, wildflowers, and the tropical forest trees can simply fill up our senses!

Hummingbirds are common in almost every garden in Monteverde

Monteverde is land of mist, powerful wind, and quiet nights. Awesome landscapes, history, and culture blend here to create the perfect surround for adventure, sightseeing and nature enjoyment.

Nevertheless, at the end of each day, the sunset brings back that almost lost surprise feeling we experienced when we were children. We say goodbye to the sun, with hope and melancholy. But, as every day, we just wait for the next morning with renovated enthusiasm and high expectations for the new opportunity to live another day!

Monteverde is living garden

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