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The best 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica in May and June

There are always good reasons to visit a country like Costa Rica, but in this article we have selected the top 5 reasons why you should travel to Costa Rica during May or June.

Reason #1: Avoid the crowds and experience a greater value. This is a perfect time to avoid crowds and experience Costa Rica at your own pace. Prices are lower and there is more availability at most of your favorite locations.

Couple and daughter in the Hanging Bridges

Reason #2: The best places to see monkeys are Tortuguero National Park, the Osa Peninsula and Manuel Antonio.  Monkeys are always on the move, looking for food and making mischief! Costa Rica is home to 4 species: The Central American Spider Monkey, the Mantled Howler Monkey, the Squirrel Monkey, and the White-throated Capuchin.

Spider Monkey

Reason #3: Fall in love with the sloth babies! Not a guarantee on this, but it is common to see sloths during a vacation in Costa Rica. The sloths are quite common and can be found everywhere from the cool cloud forests of Monteverde, the forests around the Arenal Volcano to the steamy lowland jungles along both coasts. Do hire a Guide to make your experience even more effortless and rewarding!

Sloth mother with baby

Reason #4: See the Costa Rica´s Forest’s Jewels! One of the best places to see a variety of hummingbirds is the Monteverde Cloud Forest.  Their delicate plumage is an inspiration to jewelers around the world. Get to see them hovering near to you!

Hummingbird extracting the flower´s nectar

Reason #5: The morning and Noon rains only makes things look fresher and cleaner, perfect scenario for photography and selfies

Father and sons exploring the forest after the rain

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